Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: [email protected]

Subject: [Redacted First and Last name] (Body)Let's look at you [Redacted First Name]. What leads u to onanism?The more I live and work, the more I’m surprised by men and by the stuff the do in their own time. What is the point of it and what the hell is wrong with u? You do not look like an ugly person who cannot find a girl, but still u do the things like that. You are a real superman in the world of sexual stimulation. I’m confident u would get first place if there were a championship in wanking. I’m sure it’s about ur hand and u indeed love it very much. 1280 $, BTC 1BXBJQvVFh5eP38jPdwMRV13M2K7Eosk1v I provide u with forty-two hours to fulfill my requirements, otherwise within 84 h I will be forced to send your clip to the contacts from your mail I copied. I can suggest u to stick up the camera when you go about such sort of stuff, as it’s hard to tell whether one has access to your device or not. I think ur relatives and pals will be amazed by what they’ll watch. As soon as you read this message, the countdown will start for solving the issue. This mailing address is gonna be deleted, you’ll fail to get ahold of me.

United States flag United States, 2021-09-13 20:26:07