Abuse to Bitcoin address

Blackmail scam

Abuser: [email protected]

They sent this. "U wank off so hard, aren't you scared of going struck blind? If you don't despise yourself, then u would better give a new meaning to ur values. I don't wish to humiliate you, I just wanna teach you a lesson, you gotta clean up your act. You know, this comes with my job to watch people like u, I have seen many enthusiasts of satisfying themselves. I wouldn't have been able to connect and record a video clip with your participation if you were monitoring ur security. So as not get into situations like this one, u should to hide the camera of your device. Litecoin LMQCVyUZK8fUUj87VRc9FnuBdoUXsbEXgP, 1245 $ do it in forty-two hours, and I am going to forget about u and your filthy activities. U have 2 options to fulfill what I said, or get eliminated as a person. I have your contacts, and all of them will watch your video clip within eighty eight h, if u do not implement my demands."

United States flag United States, 2022-05-20 23:45:56


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