Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: Cassandra Pham

I monitored your device on the net for a long time and successfully managed to hack it. It was not difficult for me, as I have been in this business for a long time. When you visited a pornography site, I was able to put a virus on your computer that gave me full access to your device, namely your camera, microphone, phone calls, messengers, what happens on your screen, phone book, passwords to all social networks, etc. To hide my virus, I have written a special driver which is updated every few hours and makes it impossible to detect it. I captured video of your screen and camera device and edited a video of you masturbating in one part of the screen and a pornographic video that you opened at that moment in the other part of the screen. I can safely send any data from your device to the Internet, as well as anyone who is recorded in your contacts, messengers and social networks. I can also give anyone access to your social networks, emails and messengers. If you don't want me to do it, then: Transfer $1300 (US dollars) to my Bitcoin wallet. My Bitcoin wallet address: bc1qhq8dr72swhrpkdahympme6yug549srej7wkftr I give you 48 hours to transfer the money. Otherwise, I will perform the above. The timer started automatically as soon as you opened the email. I am also automatically notified when this email is opened. If you do not know how to transfer money and what Bitcoin is. Then type "Buy Bitcoin" into Google As soon as I receive a transfer of the required amount, the system will automatically inform me about the received payment and offer to delete from my servers all the data I received from you. And therefore, I will confirm the deletion. Do not try to complain anywhere, as a purse does not track, mail from where the letter came, and is not tracked and created automatically, so there is no point in writing to me.

Canada flag Canada, 2021-04-06 18:03:41