Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: John Smith

Hello, I will be direct. You watch pronographic videos pretty often and I caught you satisfiyng yourself. Well, we all do it sometimes. How I did this? Your router was not secured I was able to inject some code into the firmware and every device connected on the network including phones were compromised. Then I simply set every device available to record with the camera only when you watch pronographic videos. In this moment your router firmware was upgraded by the manufacture so there will be no problems in the future. Also you must to reboot every device in order for my code to be dumped from the memory on each device because is still active. Anyway, I got also your contacts lists, phone numbers, emails, social media contacts and here is the deal. If you don`t pay me 500 $ worth in BitColn, the video with you doing... you know what, will be send to all your contacts. Amount: 0.07 BTC (approximately) My Address Part 1: 12R11gadBpM8TezQfomG My Address Part 2: 6N1CZWhaHSUYiH

United States flag United States, 2019-11-23 21:57:25