Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: Sapphire Kearney

Let me get right to the point. Because you enjoy watching obscene content, your device has been compromised (you know what I mean). As a result, I gained access to your device. You should consider covering your camera because I managed to record you while you were "having a good time". Because I had access to your device, I was also able to copy all of your contacts (family members, friends, neighbours ... etc). I created a cute video with you as the main character. I also attached the content you were viewing to a corner (I'm sure you can guess what I managed to create now). You should send 1000 GBP in bitcoin to my wallet if you do not want this recording to be sent to all of your contacts. My bitcoin address is 17Tx7yk2UJvG2ihhEnW2gzcJomFJ4dDJQT You have 48 hours to finish paying. After I receive the "reward," you will never hear from me again, and the video will be deleted. This message also has a timer that starts counting down as soon as it is opened. You can look up how to get bitcoin on the internet if you don't know how. To purchase bitcoin, visit https://buy.bitcoin.com/ or https://buy.coingate.com/

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Bitcoin tumbler

Abuser: Bitcoin tumbler

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