Abuse to Bitcoin address

Blackmail scam

Abuser: [email protected]

got email from my email address saying my computer was hacked and they have all my bank details. They want me to send $900 in Bitcoin to the wallet listed above to forget all my passwords and my address book.

United States flag United States, 2021-06-08 16:30:47

Blackmail scam

Abuser: He used my own email address

I am a programmer and hacked your computer 2 months ago. I kept saving information all the time, such as: browsing history, screen recordings, contacts, messages and much more. I already wanted to forget you, but recently I saw something interesting on your desktop. I'm talking about the day you visited some banking site and you inputed your banking credential and username and password of your online banking making you vulnerable to risk;) I connected to the webcam remotely, and turned off the indicator so that you would not notice anything.

Guernsey flag Guernsey, 2021-06-11 07:48:27