Abuse to Bitcoin address

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Abuser: Mekkabaezofficial , thee.forexmommy

Conned by an acquaintance ‘jeffroart’ on Instagram who actually made a video shout out to the above named Instagram page for helping them invest. I messaged him he confirms they were legit. I messaged them, they agreed to help me invest, I thought they were going to teach me, they talked me through step by step what to do, download trust wallet, invest 700 in bit coin, set up an account with cryptocloudtrading.com… when I invested 700, 10k magically appears in my account on the website they made me register my details on ‘cryptocloudtrading.com’ And then sent me an email to retrieve a pin to withdraw my money and wanted 1150 more to withdraw. I confronted them and they deleted their Instagram account. I have since found their wallet online and evidence of my money sent to them and their wallet has made 123,000 usd in scams!!!!! Can you help me get my 700 back? I was so desperate, out of work from Covid and needed to pay my rent.

Australia flag Australia, 2022-01-27 14:45:57

Bitcoin tumbler

Abuser: Thee.forexmommy

Thee.forex mommy on Instagram conned me to investing 700 into a link I now know was the scammers wallet that has accumulated 134,000 K in scamms. claiming they can make us 10k profit. Once the money was sent, I had to register my account with their suggested website ‘cryptocloudtrading.com’ ; where my magic 10k appeared then I had to send them 1150 usd to actually withdraw my money…. I contronted them and they blocked me. this scam page was actually suggested in a live video Instagram post by ‘jeffroart’ on Instagram telling me it was the real deal. I was friends with this dude on Instagram, met him through a friend in real life. His name is Jeff Robinson from Toronto’. Either he is working for this scammer or he is in fact the scammer.

Australia flag Australia, 2022-01-27 16:58:43