Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: Spoofed text

I need your 100% attention for the upcoming Twenty-four hrs, or I may make sure you that you live out of guilt for the rest of your lifetime. I know all the things concerning you. Your fb contact list, phone contacts plus all the digital activity from past 113 days. My spyware was activated inside your device which ended up logging a beautiful video while you were masturbating simply by activating your camera. I own the complete recording. If perhaps you think I am playing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the recording randomly to 5 people you know. Would you be able to look into anyone's eyes again after it? I question that... I'm going to make you a 1 time, non negotiable offer. Get USD 1000 in BTC and send it to this address 1Mcprzi2eh738gfMVauyV7zGkv7WJejHoL (copy-paste-it) (If you don't understand how, google how to acquire BTC. Do not waste my important time). Right after you send out this particular 'donation' (we will call this that?), I will disappear for good . and under no circumstances make contact with you again. I will eliminate everything I've got concerning you. You may very well proceed living your regular day to day life with no concerns. You've 24 hours to do so.

United States flag United States, 2020-05-31 14:36:48