Abuse to Bitcoin address

Chinese bitcoin blockchain

Abuser: Hunting Global, "Eric" Jia'er Feng

I met a guy called 冯嘉尔 (Eric) on social media some months ago (Chinese app:小红书, his RED ID: 1130843585) he showed affection towards me and talked to me. He added me on What's app on April 20 with 嘉尔 phone number (360-797-5451) and started talking to me for two weeks, everyday, gaining me trust, mostly on personal stuff. Then on May 6th he suddenly said he lost his phone and changed a phone number what’s app and uses name Eric (phone number: 256-666-3999). The guy persuaded me to put more money in, more and more. He said it needs certain formula to play on the platform, which involves specific amount of money to play with, so he asked me to accumulate RMB 1,890,000 in order to play. I use wire transfer from my BOA account to Coinbase (5/25/21: $41K, 5/27/21: $9K, 6/4/21: $18K, 6/8/21: $50K, 6/10/21: $59K). By June 10th I put in around $210K into this scamming “hunting” platform. The platform noticed that once the asset reaches 2 million RMB I could get 200K bonus. So I tried to accumulate more funds into it. After getting the bonus he led me to play one more time, from 2,269,090QCC to 2,838,949QCC. At this time, I was very anxious and eager to take money out to return to friends. I contacted the customer service to take money out, but they keep telling me in order to take it out I have to trade over 5 million. I then realized something is fishy about it and I started asking around, and know I was scammed, big time. But it’s already late. Altogether I have lost about USD $220K (including $80K loans from friends and family, and $85K corporate loans from Upstart and Sofi). I strongly urge the federal agencies to catch these criminals before they scam more and more people.

United States flag United States, 2021-06-20 00:31:01