Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: the site is a scam

hi, Litiex.com is a fraudulent trading platform I was enticed to invest in a new currency by a girl I bought BTC in coinbase and transferred to Litiex to buy the new currency around € 6000, the new currencies are VEN, KIV and SVB I have a copy of the wattsup conversation I have proof of transfers made to Litiex the point was: I invest 1000 $ the girl invested 1000 $ in my account, then the next investment was 5000 $, then another 5000 $, still I woke up and saw that something was wrong, the girl still transferred the 5000 $, I I didn't transfer it, then I managed to convince her to transfer another $ 10,000 to my account, researched the internet and realized that it was a fake site. she sent money to me with the intention of putting her money safe. she said she was a police officer and her mask fell off. I await response, thank you for your attention

Portugal flag Portugal, 2021-01-24 16:44:00