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Abuser: Car rental

adia said she received a call that she thought was from the Police. She was told staff at her local branch had been stealing money from customers and her account was under threat. The call was actually from a fraudster. They convinced her that she needed to move all of her money to a ‘safe account’ in order to protect herself from fraud. Following the instructions she was given, Nadia made four transfers in branch for £25,000 each over the course of four days. She transferred the money to an account abroad using the account information the fraudsters had provided to her – thinking this was a ‘safe account’ in her name. She was told to tell the branch staff, if asked, that the money was being used to pay for a wedding. She then waited for details of her new “safe account” to arrive in the post in line with what the fraudster had told her. When this didn’t happen she became suspicious and called the Police who told her there was no investigation and she should call the bank immediately. The bank confirmed she had been the victim of a scam but it said that it wouldn’t refund the money because she had authorised the payments herself.

United Kingdom flag United Kingdom, 2021-11-23 17:14:12


Abuser: Recover your lost money

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