Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: https://www.cbxio.vip/

Put BTC into an account and earned more then https://www.cbxio.vip/ customer service contacted me saying my account was locked saying I had to pay 40,000 USD before I could withdraw my funds or it would be donated to the charity fund in the name of donation

United States flag United States, 2022-11-22 18:08:48


Abuser: Recover your lost money

Good work deserves recommendation... i lost over 2.3 BTC on Instagram bitcoin scam.. Right about 2 weeks after my ordeal with them I tried using the recommendation from someone on one of the comment section (www.dps-cybersecurity.org) I was able to get all my money back in less than 48 hours.. Contact (www.dps-cybersecurity.org) to recover all your stolen bitcoins free of charge

United States flag United States, 2022-11-23 04:49:03