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Abuser: WeBuyBitcoins

This is a website that allows you to sell your Bitcoin anonymously without any ID payments made Western Union PayPal or to your mailbox yes cash in the mail it's a pretty simple interface platform you sign up basic info nothing revealing then you send money to supposedly your wallet but held on their platform then once you have funds you're able to shop what items you want in your cart to sell btc and how you want it delivered or payout method.. so I tried $100 and everything looks good something popped up on the screen stating the money will be available in 1 hour showed my transaction ID and everything then the moment you exited out which I tried very hard not to I wouldn't let my phone go to the lock screen so I stayed on for the hour but you have to press something to move to the next stage so as soon as I press something it told me to log in and my credentials were no longer valid I spent 2 hours thinking I typed in the wrong thing so I wrote every possibility and it's a scam 100% and it's for people who don't want their information stored so they're not going to offer any contact info it's a perfect plan for people who need to get rid of Bitcoin without being tied to it legally so everyone be careful one thing I don't know if this is coincidence or not but one of the words on their website was overlapped with another word it was weird looking other than that everything seemed in place and you'll have a really hard time trying to type that in the toolbar we buy Bitcoins I don't know how I found it but I did just on Duck Duck Go but I no longer can find it typing those words in here is the link to .. WeBuyBitcoins http://wk3mtlvp2ej64nuytqm3mjrm6gpulix623abum6ewp64444oreysz7qd.onion/info.php

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Abuser: Recover your lost money

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