Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: Tyler Allard

Hello Abby Ur jerking off has been shot via the camera of ur infected device. My malicious prog is perfect! In addition to having shot a movie with your participation, via RDP protocol I copied all ur contact data from ur electronic-mail. I’m a foreigner, on emailing the text I will delete the electronic-mail to erase clues. Don’t try to ask for help law-enforcement agencies, they cannot do anything in this situation. Now thoroughly go through the notification, or your prestige in the eyes of other people is never going to recover. Fair price 1199 USD, Litecoin LSjmbKKgDZCugxSfNx5vrxTLiUhFtjU5bE If u neglect me, in 96 hours I am going to share your compromising information with ur loved ones and publish it on the Internet. If u do what I ask, I am going to delete all your private dirt and you’ll never see me again. IF in forty-eight h from the time of opening the text I don’t get my compensation, the video clip where you flip yourself off will become available for everybody. Even antivirus can’t always protect u. I recommend you to be more careful when u browse unsafe websites, somebody at any time can get complete access to ur device.

United States flag United States, 2021-07-06 22:20:09