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crypto mining scam

Abuser: icexglobal.com

Scammer messaged me on Telegram and tried to get to invest in a site called icexglobal.com. This is the deposit address for it.

United States flag United States, 2022-09-19 22:08:47

Bitcoin tumbler

Abuser: Bitcoin tumbler

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Bitcoin tumbler

Abuser: Fx_tracy

I have lost $725k through investing cause I was new and didn't meet the right one to invest with I was at the verge of quitting till I was introduce to a man called Sarah wealth and in just 1 day She recover my 3 btc for me. ‪+1 (540) 583‑6564‬ She’s the best, You all should contact him if you have lost any money to scammers. phone no: ‪ ‪+1 (540) 583‑6564‬ ‬

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Abuser: Recover your lost money

Good work deserves recommendation... i lost over 2.3 BTC on Instagram bitcoin scam.. Right about 2 weeks after my ordeal with them I tried using the recommendation from someone on one of the comment section www.blocknode.online I was able to get all my money back in less than 48 hours.. Contact www.blocknode.online to recover all your stolen bitcoins free of charge

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