Abuse to Bitcoin address

Paypal scam

Abuser: Hector Smith from Paypal (alias I'm sure)

I received 2 e-mails from [email protected] indicating two request for funds were made and asking if these were legit. The number on the e-mail was 888-313-3404. I called. They showed me where the 2 transaction for $449.99 were cancelled. The then used the “anyview” app to show me where the money was actually withdrawn from my bank account. They provided a script to me for a refund. I “accidently” typed in $9000 as opposed to $900. Hector indicated that he could not reverse the mistake as his account had been frozen. He requested I withdraw $8100 in cash and send to a bitcoin wallet. I did this and then he showed me that the balance in my account was now correct. He later contacted me and indicated his company had been fined and his account still frozen. He requested I do this again which I did. I have the bitcoin wallet ids the money was sent to. They are: bc1qqhzk3zpsz5kd66sm5cm64y9q0pwnjc3s44dep5 ---$6100 on Nov 20 202209:19 am bc1qann9gndc6nkt09ln9yk8jdx8rxjvmz684mfj9y --- $1900 on Nov 19 2022 12:23 pm bc1qann9gndc6nkt09ln9yk8jdx8rxjvmz684mfj9y --- $8100 on Nov 18 2022 04:28 pm I also have the blockchain info. His phone number is now disconnected but I do have text messages that we exchanged.

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Abuser: Recover your lost money

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