Abuse to Bitcoin address


Abuser: [email protected]

Consume online content for adult on sites with ill repute. You read this text as u Your comp has caught my rogue prog, which is why you see this message. The primaryfunction of my virus is the activation of your web camera and secret recording of vids. Your jack off has been caught on video using your webcam and now I do have the bunch of dirt on u and I’m about to share the video with all ur contacts from your electronic-mail. You have the chance to save your prestige in the eyes of ur family. You send remuneration for my silence: 0,17 Bit coin to address bc1qnc5jmjp459l2qyyk396zxkmpjhchwdncj9aaw7 in the period of 24 hours after reading this warning (my system will let me know) and I guarantee that I will delete all your horrific juicy details. You can flout these claims, then within 48 hours all ur closest people will see you arouse sexually. Once u poison ur prestige, it will be remembered the rest of your life. Don’t write here, it is hacked and I soon will lose access to it.

Indonesia flag Indonesia, 2020-06-29 00:57:38